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December 13, 2017

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Dispelling 3 Common Myths About School Bus Tracking

February 27, 2018


Like any emerging technology, school bus trackers receive their fair share of scrutiny. As they should! When it comes to the care and safety of young children, any new application should be considered thoroughly before adoption. 

But what about some of the most common – and pervasive – myths surrounding school bus tracking? Whether you’re a parent or an administrator, you’ve probably heard at least one of these three arguments against school bus trackers. UbicaBus is here to dispel them.

1. Bus trackers compromise students' information security. 

School buses are the property of individual school districts and/or schools. Their drivers are often government employees, and the vehicles utilize public roads. Nothing about school bus travel is inherently “private,” which is exactly why more visibility is important. 

Bus trackers use GPS technology to provide accurate bus location data to parents and schools. This is sensitive data, so companies like UbicaBus use world-class cyber security to encrypt and protect data as well as enforce invite-only access to parents. 


2. School bus drivers hate GPS tracking systems. 

School bus drivers, in fact, say they love the additional features provided by GPS trackers. When buses are outfitted with GPS tracking technology, drivers can focus on driving the students to and from school safely rather than worrying about things like radio requests for bus location, directions, and even on-bus bullying when the bus has cameras. 

Because bus trackers automate many of the logistical headaches of being a bus driver – maintenance reports, hours logged, miles driven – bus drivers don’t have to worry about justifying their performance. From an administrative perspective, bus tracking technology helps weed out bus drivers who aren’t cut out for the job and allows responsible, consistent drivers to be rewarded for their efforts. 


3. Small and/or independent schools can’t afford bus tracking technology.  

As recently as a decade ago, bus trackers were massive…and some still are! They were difficult to install and maintain and the necessary software only added to their incredibly high cost. School bus trackers are being streamlined by companies like UbicaBus. UbicaBus was founded specifically to integrate the most complicated aspects of bus tracking technology into an all-in-one suite of hardware and software tools at an affordable price. 

Bus tracking technology isn’t just an investment in the safety of the students, it’s a direct investment in the ROI of a school’s bus program. Solutions like UbicaBus can offer a ROI of 300% and beyond by optimizing routes, reducing maintenance costs, and decreasing the time buses spend idling. It all adds up to serious savings for your school and a safer, smarter ride for students. 




Bus tracking technology isn’t what it used to be. If it’s been a few years since you took the time to consider a GPS tracking solution for your school’s bus fleet or to talk to your administrators about the idea, we invite you to reach out to UbicaBus.



We’re innovating the way school buses are tracked because we think technology makes things better. And don’t your students deserve the best commute possible?


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