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Are Driverless Buses the Future of Bus Technology?

December 13, 2017

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8 Reasons Schools LOVE School Bus Trackers

November 22, 2017

Schools have a lot of responsibilities. In addition to providing an education, they're also responsible for ensuring the safety of thousands of students every day. That can be a complex and overwhelming task in and of itself. 


School bus trackers are making the business of school bus management a little bit simpler; these services offer a myriad benefits to administrations, fleet operators, and bus drivers themselves. Those benefits trickle down to happy, well-informed parents. Here are 8 reasons schools love bus tracking technology. 


1. Optimized Routes
The #1 reason schools decide to implement state-of-the-art technologies like UbicaBus is to better plan school bus routes. Optimized routes save time, save money, and keep students from spending too much time on the road. 


2. Less Idle-Time

School bus operators know that idle time equals money. Optimized routes in conjunction with ready-and-waiting kids means buses are better equipped to keep moving. A school bus in motion is an efficient use of school funds. 


3. Safer Students

The less time students spend waiting at their stop, the safer they are. School bus trackers and apps for parents and students offer kids unparalleled visibility when it comes to the arrival of their bus so they can spend less time on the curb and more time in the safety of their homes. 


4. GPS Tracking

Schools need to know where buses are. GPS tracking technology helps to clarify timelines so schools can properly staff classrooms, man drop-off zones, and clear out parking areas. GPS trackers also offer unparalleled visibility when buses are running late. 



5. Fleet Diagnostics

Some school districts manage thousands of buses at a time. Fleet management and diagnostics software embedded in bus trackers can keep tabs on which bus is overdue for an oil change, which has worn tires, and more. 


6. Driver Visibility
Bus tracking software doesn't just track the location of buses, they keep tabs on drivers. UbicaBus' suite of software includes timesheet logins as well as a tracking function for the time the bus is in motion. Driver accountability is a huge component of a successful school bus operation. 


7. WiFi/Video
Kids want WiFi. Parents want video. Offer both through a comprehensive solution like UbicaBus, and all for a fraction of the cost of implementing each service individually. Better-connected buses give peace of mind to everyone involved. 


8. Incredible ROI

Managing a school bus fleet is all about the bottom line. UbicaBus software provides unbeatable ROI when it comes to optimizing, maintaining, and managing school buses. Districts lose hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on unneeded buses, too-long routes, and inefficient drivers. Technology is the answer. 


UbicaBus is the school bus tracking technology you've been looking for. Our comprehensive suite of hardware/software is designed to be a turnkey solution to your bus tracking needs.



School bus software doesn't have to be so complicated; contact us today for a free demo to learn more.



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