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Are Driverless Buses the Future of Bus Technology?

December 13, 2017

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8 Reasons Parents LOVE School Bus Trackers

October 7, 2017

School bus tracking technology is a (relatively) new idea with an immeasurably huge impact. As school districts across the country make the decision to implement innovative tech directly inside school buses, students become safer and commutes get more streamlined. 


Still not convinced your school needs bus trackers? Here are 8 reasons parents love school bus tracking technology. 


1. No More Waiting

What parent hasn't rushed through their morning, barely zipping up backpacks and grabbing a muffin to go to race to the school bus stop only to wait 5, 10, or even 15 minutes on a late-to-arrive school bus? Bus tracking technology tells you exactly when the bus is nearby so you can move at your own speed. 


2. Safer Stops
How do bus trackers make students safer? Dozens of ways. The most tangible, though, is by reducing the time students spend waiting at school bus stops, which are typically perilously located near heavily-trafficked thoroughfares. 


3. Increased Visibility

If you leave home before your kids in the morning or get home after they're dropped off in the afternoon, wouldn't it be nice to know exactly when the bus has come and gone? GPS Trackers paired with a parent app provide parents complete visibility of the bus location. 


4. GPS Tracking
You follow your Uber ride...shouldn't you follow your child's school bus trip? GPS-enabled tracking solutions like UbicaBus allow for real-time bus tracking. Peace of mind comes from knowing where your child's bus is at all times. 


5. Instant Notifications
Does your school have an easy way to notify you when something's amiss? Bus tracking apps offer push notifications that let you know the second something changes, like a school closing due to snow or a late bus arrival because of a staffing change. 


6. Video Recording

UbicaBus' suite of tracking solutions offers in-bus video recording. Whether bullying, unsafe driving, or any other questionable behavior is a concern, knowing your child's bus is being recorded is a feel-better solution. 


7. On-Board WiFi
Your kids have WiFi at home, at the mall, in the library...why shouldn't they have it on the bus? WiFi enabled systems offer content-controlled internet access right on the bus, a huge plus for students who tend to put their homework off until the last minute (and the parents who love them!)


8. App Interface

Tracking your child's bus should be as easy as ordering coffee - and it is! Forget downloading Flash plugins and complicated hardware; today's generation of bus trackers operate via app, giving you access to your child's bus information anytime, anywhere.


If your school doesn't yet have bus tracking technology, it's missing opportunities. As a parent, it's your right to be informed about what's going on with your child. The school bus commute makes up a significant portion of their day...shouldn't you have more visibility



UbicaBus is the comprehensive bus tracking technology your school has been looking for. Talk to your administration about setting up a demo with our team today. 

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