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December 13, 2017

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Innovative Shuttle Bus Technology from UbicaBus

September 28, 2017

Slowly but surely, shuttle buses are solving the problem of “The Last Mile.” Both municipalities and private businesses are starting to see serious value in supplementing other transportation options with specialized, set-route shuttles.


The State of Shuttle Transport

Shuttle buses have long been mainstays of high-use locations such as National Parks, sporting events, and airports. Shuttles, generally ranging in capacity from about 16 passengers all the way to 72 passengers, are managed privately, sub-contracted through charter bus companies, and in some cases, government-run. They’re a multi-billion-dollar industry experiencing significant growth year-over-year.


The next generation of shuttle bus transport may just be the corporate shuttle. A few of the most well-known corporate shuttle systems include those at Google and Facebook, among other Silicon Valley tech hives. Cities, though, are getting in on the action too by adding hyper-local shuttle systems designed to get commuters to larger public transit destinations where they continue the bulk of their commute. Overall, organizations are realizing the cost of subsidizing shuttle transportation keeps employees and citizens satisfied, reduces greenhouse emissions, and expands the boundaries livable population centers.


Challenges of Shuttle Bus Transportation


Shuttles, by design, are meant to run a very specific route on a very specific schedule. Because their routes are often there-and-back rather than circuitous, adherence to scheduling is of utmost importance. That said, many of the same challenges that affect other large bus networks also plague shuttle systems. These include:

  • Lost fuel and productivity due to idle time

  • Significant expenditures on operational costs and maintenance

  • A lack of transparency regarding driver accountability

  • No centralized GPS tracking system

Thankfully, new bus technologies are emerging that take the sting out of many of the pain-points today’s shuttle buses experience.


UbicaBus Technology and Shuttle Buses

How is UbicaBus improving shuttle bus networks? The same way we’re improving school bus fleets. Our suite of integrated hardware and software is unlike anything in the industry. UbicaBus technology seamlessly automates routing, provides real-time GPS tracking information to regular riders and administrators, and reduces costly maintenance inefficiencies.


In addition to instantaneous bus tracking, our software allows shuttle bus managers to effortlessly track driver hours and recalibrate routes based on situational changes. Ours is a holistic solution that offers an all-in-one technology foundation for shuttle buses and other bus networks. In addition to serving some of the most complex school busing districts in the country, we also work frequently with corporate shuttle administrators, municipal shuttle systems, and even with private charter bus companies.


Do you need more transparency in your shuttle bus network?
UbicaBus is the tool you’ve been looking for.

The UbicaBus team is happy to provide you with a free demo.

Reach out to us today to find out how we can help improve your shuttle network.








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