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Are Driverless Buses the Future of Bus Technology?

December 13, 2017

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5 Benefits of School Bus Tracking

May 17, 2017

School buses constitute the single-largest transportation initiative in the country. It's amazing, then, that most school buses aren't tracked in any meaningful way. School bus tracking has been shown to offer a variety of benefits to students, parents, and school districts themselves, despite longstanding hurdles to implementing the new technologies.

So, what are the biggest benefits to school bus tracking?


1. Bus Tracking Makes Students Safer

School buses are the safest method of transportation for students, accounting for only about 0.4% of all highway fatalities each year. But did you know that over 21% of bus-related injuries are actually sustained by bikers, pedestrians, and children waiting at their stop? School bus trackers give parents and students better visibility surrounding when and where the school bus will arrive. This helps students avoid dangerous waits in heavily-trafficked areas for late or missing buses.


2. Bus Tracking Saves Districts Money

The management and maintenance of a school bus fleet can place a real financial burden on school districts. The average school bus costs $50,000+ a year to manage and maintain, and costs are only rising. School bus tracking technology like the integrated platform offered by UbicaBus allows districts to optimize routes and decrease "idle" time, a huge drain to resources, putting thousands of dollars back in the classroom.


3. Bus Tracking Increases Bus Driver Accountability
Parents are notoriously vigilant about who's watching their children, from teachers to babysitters. But what about bus drivers? Bus tracking technologies allows districts to better monitor the activities of their bus drivers to ensure the safety of students outside of the school. Certain software platforms allow for timesheet tracking, GPS-monitored route monitoring, and even the capability for installing HD cameras inside buses themselves. 



4. Bus Tracking Helps Parents Keep Tabs on Kids

Over 1,000,000 American children come home to an empty house after school each day. For many of their parents, integrated GPS tracking and route management software as well as a parent app provide much-needed reassurance that their children's bus has arrived safely. These same platforms offer visibility for parents whose children have been subject to truancy; if a students bus doesn't stop shouldn't a parent know? 



5. Bus Tracking Can Optimize Bus Routes

In addition to draining the limited financial resources of schools, inefficient school bus routes cost students - and parents - valuable time. Scientific studies and anecdotal evidence alike show that too much time on the school bus negatively impacts the academic life of a child. When school bus routes are optimized for time and distance, everyone wins...especially students. 




Is your school missing out on the benefits of school bus tracking? UbicaBus is the answer. Our suite of integrated bus tracking tools allows for better monitoring and a more streamlined commute. 


Schools and students benefit.
Contact us today to learn more: support@ubicabus.com












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