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Schools deserve a better way to manage their fleets.

UbicaBus can help.

GPS tracking

Live GPS trackers update each buses’ location every 5 seconds. Know the location, speed, mileage, and routes of your entire fleet through one easy-to-use platform.

Parent App

Get an alert when your kid's bus arrives or when your bus is running late. Our parent app provides real-time bus tracking so you’ll always know where your child's bus is. Available on iOS and Android.

Route Planner

Schools lose thousands of dollars annually through inefficient bus routing. Customize your routes based on optimal capacity, time, and distance. You can also share route directions directly with the school bus driver. UbicaBus allows you to upload routes from other programs and re-calibrate routes at any time to accommodate new students, road construction, and more.

Field Trips

Easily plan and manage your school's field trips and extracurricular activities from one place.

Fleet Management & Diagnostics

Set alerts and reminders for periodic bus maintenance including oil changes, fluid refills, tire rotations, and more. Remotely read diagnostic information and budget more efficiently for expected – and unexpected – maintenance.


Track driver hours and time spent with the bus in motion. Download directly to your payroll software for a seamless transaction from timesheet to paycheck.


Provide Wi-Fi for students right on the bus so they can finish homework, watch educational videos, or check emails. Controlled access allows administrators to limit exactly what kind of content can and can’t be accessed.


Install up to 8 cameras per bus to record over 300 hours of HD video. Keep an eye on road conditions and monitor student activity on the bus when the driver is focused on safe driving. Automatically download video data through our handsfree wireless transfer solution.

The easy way to optimize your school's fleet.

UbicaBus is a comprehensive platform that improves student safety, simplifies fleet optimization, and provides unparalleled ROI. Our technology is designed to be simple to install and easy-to-use.

Did you know the average school spends over $50,000 a year to maintain and operate each bus, and that each school bus route averages schools over $37,000 annually?​

Let UbicaBus help you optimize your fleet! Scroll down to learn more about some of the services we provide:

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