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Come rain or shine

...or early

...or late

Either way, you'll know.

Want peace of mind? UbicaBus can help.

No longer will students have to wait for the bus in the rain and snow; nor will parents be stressed or late to work due to a missed bus.​ With the UbicaBus Parent App, parents can see exactly where the bus is and receive alerts about arrival. Scroll down to learn more about the features and how it works.

GPS tracking

Track your kid's bus in real-time through the mobile UbicaBus app

Push Notifications

Push notifications from the school for delays and emergencies


Alerts for approaching buses, drop-offs, and school announcements


Get route information and expected times 


Multiple students per parent account

How It Works

Your school must be registered with UbicaBus and have the Parent app feature enabled in order for us to track the buses and grant you access. If not, please download the info sheet below to share with your school or contact us below to tell about your school district.


If your school is setup with Ubicabus, you should have received an email with your username and password. Please note that you cannot signup on your own; to ensure the security of student data, UbicaBus is invite only. If you have not received your invite, please contact your school official to request an account.

If you'd like UbicaBus at your child's school, please send us a note using the below contact form:
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